Fairway Spreads Joy To The Community

November 5, 2018 12:00 am

Colorful balloons Spreading joy and helping the community is at the core of the values upheld by Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation. Started in 2016 by Fairway, #FairwayJOY is an initiative designed to spread joy and share happiness with others. Shortly after creating the concept, Fairway started #FairwayJOY Week — an annual week in May focused on Fairway’s outreach and sharing of joy.

During #FairwayJOY Week, all Fairway branches across the country make a concentrated effort to spread the joy that fills the hearts of Fairway employees. Acts of kindness are continuously shared through social media using the hashtag #FairwayJOY to encourage others to participate. To see some of the acts of kindness that have taken place in support of #FairwayJOY, watch the video below.